原标题:英语自学:一分钟教会你to do和doing怎么用! 信赖同学们每次遇到选填to do, doing仍是do方法…

原标题:英语自学:一分钟教会你to do和doing怎么用!

信赖同学们每次遇到选填to do, doing仍是do方法的标题时,脑际中的反应大约都是“to do如同通,不对,大约是doing,仍是填原形do呢”?究竟要填啥呢?别着急,今日修改帮我们总结一下大学期间高频呈现的一些动词用法,让你从此离别看到to do, doing, do就一脸懵的囧状。

加to do的高频查询动词

1. afford to do 担负的起做某事

We can’t afford to make
any mistakes.咱们承担不起任何失误。

2. agree to do 附和做某事

Do you agree to have dinner today? 今日你附和一块吃饭吗?

3. choose to do 选择做某事

Why do so many choose to leave their country? 为啥有这么多人要脱离祖国?

4. decide to do 抉择做某事

She decided to accept the offer. 她抉择承受这一提议。

5. expect to do 等待做某事

The shop expects to make more money this year. 这家店肆期望本年多赚点钱。

6. hope to do 期望做某事

I hope to see you again sometime next year. 我期望下一年某一时分再会到你。

7. hurry to do 匆促做某事

We shall have to hurry to get there in time. 咱们将不得不及时赶到那。

8. manage to do 设法做成某事

How do you manage to do such a thing? 你是怎么设法做这样的事?

9. plan to do 方案做某事

Where do you plan to spend your holiday? 你方案去哪里休假?

10. prefer to do 甘愿做某事

I prefer to travel in the front of the car. 我甘愿坐在轿车的前面。

11. refuse to do 回绝做某事

I refuse to answer that question. 我不愿答复那个疑问。

12. seem to do 看似做了某事

The books seem to be lost. 那些书如同不见了。

13. wish to do 期望做某事

I wish to talk with you in private. 我期望能私下里同你说话。

14. want to do 想要做某事

Is that why you don’t want to go home? 这就是你不想回家的缘由吗?

15. would like to do 想要做某事

I would like to have a word with you. 我想同你说句话。


加sb. to do的高频查询动词

1. allow ab. to do 答应或人做某事

My boss doesn’t allow me to use the telephone. 老板不许我运用电话。

2. cause ab. to do 致使或人做某事

The beliefin god causes people to do good. 对天主的崇奉使人行善。

3. encourage sb. to do 鼓舞或人做某事

Peter, my English teacher, never fails to encourage us to study hard. 我的英文教师彼得老是鼓舞咱们要好好吃苦。

4. force sb. to do 强逼或人做某事

No power on earth could force me to do it. 谁也不能强逼我做这事。

5. invite sb. to do 聘请或人做某事

We invite her to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. 咱们聘请她和咱们一同吃感恩节晚餐。

6. teach sb. to do 教或人做某事

It is time for somebody to teach you to behave yourself. 该是有人教你应对进退之礼仪的时分了。

7. warn sb. to do 警告或人做某事

The police warn us not to go out at night. 差人劝诫咱们夜间不要出门。

8. …enough to do 满足做某事

Would you be kind enough to take a message to him? 托付您捎个信儿给他。

9. It’s + adj+ for sb. to do 对或人来说做某事很…

Is it necessary for me to attend the meeting?我真的有必要参加这个会议吗?

10. It takes sb. some time to do 花费或人多长时刻做某事

How long does it take to go to the airport by taxi? 坐租借轿车去飞机场要多长时刻?



1. avoid doing 避免做某事

Avoid crossing this street at rush hours. 避免在交通拥堵时刻穿越这条大街。

2. consider doing 思考做某事

Would you consider working in New York next year? 下一年你思考到纽约作业吗?

3. enjoy doing 享受做某事

I enjoy singing, much more listening to music. 我喜爱歌唱,更不必说听音乐了。

4. finish doing 结束做某事

It took us a whole week to finish painting the home. 咱们花了整整一星期的时刻才把房子粉刷好。

5. hate doing 厌烦做某事

The boys hate doing homework on Sundays. 男孩们厌烦在周日做家庭作业。

6. imagine doing 愿望做某事

I can’t imagine living with a drunk. 我愿望不出与一个醉汉日子在一同的景象。

7. keep doing 持续做某事

Foreign words keep coming into English. 外来词连绵不断地进入英语。

8. mind doing 介意做某事

Would you mind stepping aside to let me pass? 你介意站开让我走曩昔吗?

9. practice doing 操练做某事

Practice throwing the ball into the net. 操练投篮。

10. regret doing 后悔做某事

I believe you will regret leaving Paris. 我信赖你会为脱离巴黎然后悔的。

11. risk doing 冒险做某事

I don’t think they will risk holding an election. 我想他们是不会冒风险举办推举的。

12. suggest doing 主张做某事

I suggested going for a walk. 我主张去漫步。

13. be worth doing 值得做某事

He’ll probably say no, though it’s worth trying. 他很可以不附和,但不妨去探问一下。

14. spend…doing花费…做某事

How much time do you spend practicing English every day? 你每天花多少时刻操练英文?

15. while/when doing

I like to listen to music while running. 我喜爱一边跑步,一边听音乐。

16. have a good time/fun/problems/trouble/difficulty doing做某事有快乐喜爱/疑问/费事/困难: I have difficulty remembering names. 我不易记住人名。

17. prevent/stop/keep…from doing阻挡…做某事

Nothing can prevent him from going. 啥都不能阻挡他前往。



1. let sb. do 让或人做某事

I hope you can pardon his badness and let him start all over again.期望您能宽恕他的不好,让他从头初步。

2. make sb. do 使或人做某事

He find it impossible to make her change her mind. 他发现使她改动主见是不可以能的。

3. hear sb. do 听见或人做某事

The shouting boy did not hear his mother call him. 大声叫嚣的孩子听不到母亲的叫唤。

4. have sb. do 需求或人做某事

Will you like to have him call you back ? 要他给你回个电话吗?

5. would rather do than do 甘愿做…不愿做…

They would rather go fishing than stay at home. 他们甘愿去垂钓,也不愿待在家里。

6. had better do 最佳做某事

You had better have another think. 你最佳 再想一想。

加to doing的高频查询动词

1. prefer doing to doing 甘愿做…不愿做…

Their teacher prefers doing to talking. 他们的教师喜爱做而不喜爱说。

2. be used to doing 习气做某事

I’m not used to doing shopping online. 我不习气于网上购物。

3. look forward to doing 等待做某事

I look forward to being alone in the house. 我期望着能自个一人待在这所房子里。

4. pay attention to doing 留心力会集在做某事上

You should pay attention to picking your words . 你大约留心措词。

5. devote … to doing 奉献…去做某事

I devote myself to helping the poor. 我尽力于协助穷户。

加to do= 加doing的高频查询动词

1. start to do =start doing 初步做

When did you start to learn English? 你何时初步学英语的?

2. learn to do = learn

She is learning to play the piano. 她在学弹钢琴。

3. continue to do = continue doing持续做

Bread continues to rise in price. 面包的价格持续上涨。

加to do≠加doing的高频查询动词

1. forget to do 忘掉要做

Don’t forget to leave room for our teacher.

forget doing做了某事而把它忘掉了

2. remember to do记住要做

remember doing记住做过

3. need to do需要做

need doing需要被做

4. stop to do 停下来初步做

stop doing 中止正在做的事





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